Nancy’s Cafe

Open from 9am, light meals and coffee available all day.

No Bookings Required.

Opening Hours


Welcome to our brand new Café, Nancy’s. At Nancy’s you can enjoy all day dining in a relaxed and airy atmosphere, perfect for Brunch, Lunch or a casual business meeting.

Using locally sourced ingredients, our menu offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, healthy kids meal options, seasonal light meals plus delicious artisan coffee. If you’re looking for something different to your usual lunch choices, why not try one of our signature Jaffles? Choose from one of the many filling options or why not build your very own?

Where did the name come from?
Nancy’s has been named in honour of Nancy Wake, who was born in New Zealand and spent her formative years in Australia. Nancy was dubbed “The Little White Mouse” by the Germans as she infiltrated enemies lines and aided in Allied forces avoid capture. Along with being the recipient of the Companion of the Order of Australia, the George Medal along and other Allied medals, she was described by a colleague at the Special Operation Executive to be “A real Australian Bombshell”.