Welfare groups

Women's Auxiliary

The Women’s Auxiliary meet every third Monday of the month at 1 30 PM at the Frankston RSL.

Our primary function is to raise funds for our RSL and community.
We also provide our members with a variety of social functions and friendship.

New members are always welcome to join.

For further information contact Secretary Wendy Woulfe 0459 020 055
or President Catherine Bernhardt 0412 699 536

Vietnam Veterans Association

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA) had its advent in the Vietnam Veterans Action Association formed in the late 1979 as a result of the perceptions of Vietnam veterans that exposure to chemicals was causing problems with their health and the health of their children

The VVAA remains a wholly volunteer body, whose sole interest is the welfare of veterans and the families of veterans.
The relationship between the now R&SL and the Association has matured into one of mutual respect, and many members of the Association also enjoy membership of the R&SL.

Frankston VVA meet on the first Monday of the month in the Simpson Room 2 at 7.30pm if you would like any other details please call
Kelvin on 0432473039 or Cheryl on 0409962545

Partners Of Veterans Australia (PVA)

P.V.A. VIC is committed to working with our members and to seek out those younger partners in need of our support and to improve conditions of all partners and families of defence and ex-defence personnel.  We are committed to offering support through our network of groups and local area contacts.

P.V.A. VIC has trained welfare officers who are there to provide information and help to members and the veteran and defence community.   The P.V.A. News magazine, our website and social media keep our members informed whilst endeavouring to provide more practical assistance, and promoting the issues faced by partners and families of veterans to both State and Federal Government as well as government departments.

P.V.A. VIC groups meet regularly; weekly, once or twice a month and for special occasions.  These groups offer partners of veteran’s information and support, as well as a range of activities to enjoy together. Events are organised by the local members, reflecting the individual group preferences and vary from area to area.  These may consist of: A lunch, morning or afternoon tea and chat;• A talk from a guest speaker;• Discussions on partners’ welfare and health issues and entitlements throughout the veteran community.

  • A special event such as a dinner out or a trip to a local attraction.

P.V.A. VIC welcomes all partners, ex-partners or widows/ers of all current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and we invite you to learn more about our unique Association and join the huge network of partners helping partners. The P.V.A. network is an expansive resource of shared knowledge and experience of the life of an ADF family..We understand, and we can help!

P.V.A. VIC offers – Friendship – Support – Information – Understanding

The Frankston Branch of P.V.A. meets every second Monday of the month at the Frankston RSL at 11.00a.m.  This is followed by lunch at the RSL.

During the year we also have three bus outings for a day and a three day bus trip.  This year the three day trip is to Bendigo.

On the fourth Monday of the month we have a morning tea/lunch which at present is either at the Seaford RSL or the Baxter Tavern.

Joining fee:  $35.00 for first year; $25.00 for renewals.

If you would like to attend to see if we are right for you please just attend a meeting or contact :

President, Lyn WESTHEAD on 0408 122 802

or Secretary : Rhon TEMPEST on 0410 566 709


Our Memorabilia team do a fantastic job of sourcing, cataloguing and displaying memorabilia from across many years of conflict and service.

Our new Memorabilia Hall has been designed in a way that these precious items of history can be displayed perfectly for the public to see.

The Memorabilia Group volunteers have developed a reasonable amount of knowledge which and are now hoping they can help you with your research of any items you may have in your family.

They are now offering you an opportunity to make enquiries about getting started with your research or resolving those other questions you may have.
For more details or to book a time to meet with the team, please call Stellar on 8792 4413