Our Sustainability Committee has been busy working on new initiatives to ensure the Frankston RSL is a sustainable business.

Over the past quarter, we have been concentrating on design and implementation of a small herb garden for our Cracked Pepper Restaurant.  This herb garden will be situated in the small outdoor space adjacent to the wine area, near our bar.  We hope to plant herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage, to use in our Cracked Pepper dishes.

Construction is due to begin in May and we hope to yield our first crop later in the year.  We hope to purchase a commercial compost bin for use in this herb   garden, which will utilise coffee grounds from our Bistro and Cracked Pepper bars.


Our staff are also undertaking a volunteer initiative which will see them assisting in transforming an old shed at Sages Cottage into an integrative learning centre for the disabled.  Sages Cottage (run by Wallara) offers opportunities for disabled people to gain experience and opportunities through training sessions and farm experiences such as feeding the animals, maintaining
the gardens and vegetables, cooking and tactile activities.  The shed you can see pictured to the right is currently used for storage, but will soon be converted into a building that will allow more Wallara service users the opportunity to gain worthwhile life skills.

With funding from the Frankston RSL, our staff will be involved in a succession of working bees to prepare the shed, assist with basic building, fitting out with furniture, supplies and much more.  We aim to work alongside Wallara service users and local organisations to build a long-lasting partnership.

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